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MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs       MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs       MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs       MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs       MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs       MAROC LOTO, Acheter le loto, Verifier les resultats, Gagner a la loterie,, la Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports, mdjs          

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Maroc in brief

Destination Maroc, a Nations Online country profile of the Arab kingdom in the western part of the Maghreb in North Africa, officially known as the Kingdom of Maroc.

The country borders the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Mediterranean Sea in the north; it shares maritime borders with Portugal and Spain.

Maroc borders Algeria in the east and Western Sahara in the south. The non-self-governing territory, claimed by Maroc, borders Mauritania in the Moroccan-controlled part of Western Sahara.

Maroc has a land border with Spain at the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, the two populated Spanish territories on the African mainland.

The kingdom covers an area of 446,550 km² (excluding Western Sahara); compared, it is slightly smaller than Sweden or somewhat larger than California.

The country has a population of 36.3 million (in 2021); the capital city is Rabat, the largest city is Casablanca. Spoken languages are Arabic (official), several Berber dialects (Amazigh) and French.

Sports in Maroc

Football Like many countries, Maroc’s most popular sport is football. In fact, football is so important to the country that Maroc has now made five bids to host the Fifa World Cup. So far those bids have been unsuccessful, but they are trying again for 2030. But if you’re not planning your holidays that far ahead, what football can you see in Maroc today? Botola Pro is the professional football league for Maroc, home to 16 teams competing for the title. This league is the most-watched in Africa, broadcasting to an audience of around two billion people across 153 territories. Two of the top teams in Botola Pro to look out for are the current champions and runners up, Wydad AC and Raja Casablanca respectively.


Every kind of water sport is catered for on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast - Most the hotels on the coastline offer a wide range of water sports: surfing, windsurfing, sailing & yachting, canoeing, rowing, waterskiing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

Horse Riding

Maroc is an ideal country for horse lovers. The main riding centres can be found in Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir, Meknes, Fez, Oujda, Ouirgane and Tangier.


There are many opportunities for fishing in the quiet waters of the rivers and lakes throughout the country and well as deep sea fishing.
Trout can be fished in the wadis and more challenging in the gorges. Pike, black bass, perch, roach, carp, eels and barbels are plentiful in the lakes (the season generally being from May - June according to species).
Bonitos, sea perch, mullet, chad and sea bream are abundant in the Oceans. Several ports are equipped for deep sea fishing, for example Sakhla in the Sahara and Mohammedia near Casablanca, where you can go out and fish for tuna, swordfish, marlin, grouper and barracudas.

Aerial Sports

There are several aeroclubs in Maroc where you can indulge in Aviation, parachuting, ULM, gliding, deltaplane, parachute gliding and hot air ballooning.
Royal Moroccan Federation for Light Aviation & Aerial Sports in Rabat

Résultats du Loto: 192

LA LOTERIE NATIONALE, the Loto operator in Maroc, held Loto draw 192 on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 at Maroc Local time. The Loto draw was transmitted live on TV under the supervision of a government representative.
Maroc Loto Draw Number 192, was held on 2023-03-22, with following Loto results: 14,18,20,,,, with Complimetary ball number: 08.

The Joker number was: 6807405. No Winner for the Joker Lottery. DHS.

First Loto Prize:
Total Winners: 0
Each Winners' Prize: 0 DHS.
Second Loto Prize:
Total Winners: 0
Each Winners' Prize: 147514.67 DHS.
Third Loto Prize:
Total Winners: 1
Each Winners' Prize: 51269 DHS.
Forth Loto Prize:
Total Winners: 173
Each Winners' Prize: 296 DHS.
Fifth Loto Prize:
Total Winners: 3336
Each Winners' Prize: 50 DHS.

Some Statistics for Maroc Loto Draw 192:
- No Loto Jackpot Winner.
- Next Loto Maroc Draw jackpot is around 9,500,000 DH, and will be help on 2023-03-25.
- Loto Maroc draws number: 14,18,20,28,30,43, with Complimetary ball number: 08.
- next Loto Maroc draw will be help on Saturday, 25th March 2023 at Maroc Local time.
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Maroc Tourisme

Le Maroc a accueilli en 2008 un total de huit millions de touristes, en hausse de 13 % par rapport a l annee precedente, generant quelque 115 milliards de dirhams de recettes (+ 16 %), selon le ministere du Tourisme marocain qui a publie comme dessus, des statistiques et des chiffres officiels pour l'annee 2008 :
Les principaux indicateurs touristiques en 2008 :

Arrivees aux postes frontieres : 7 878 639 touristes
Nuitees dans les etablissements classes : 16 461 517 nuitees
Capacite d'hebergement (en lits) : 152 936 lits
Taux d'occupation des chambres : 45 pour cent
Recettes voyages (en dirham MOR) : 56 598 milliards MAD

La ville de Marrakech est la premiere ville touristique du Maroc. En 2008, la ville possedait une capacite d'hebergement equivalente à 44 394 lits devant Agadir avec 28 605 lits et Casablanca avec 12 762 lits. Le Maroc est actuellement le 2e pays le plus touristique d'Afrique.

Et voici la capacite d'hebergement classee (en termes de lits) en 2008

Marrakech : 44 394 lits
Agadir : 28 605 lits
Casablanca : 12 762 lits
Tanger : 7 431 lits
Fes : 7 224 lits
Ouarzazate : 7 006 lits
Rabat : 4 812 lits
Tetouan : 4 359 lits
Meknes : 3 139 lits
Essaouira : 3 322 lits
Autres : 29 882 lits
Total : 152 936 lits
Villes imperiales du Maroc
Riad du Maroc
Artisanat marocain

Maroc LOTO

As of 2006, activity and adventure tourism in the Atlas and Rif Mountains are the fastest growth area in Moroccan tourism. These locations have excellent walking and trekking opportunities from late March to mid-November. The government is investing in trekking circuits. They are also developing desert tourism in competition with Tunisia.

Morocco Lotto Statistics
MAROCLOTO.COM provides a wealth of statistical information, gathered by a team of highly skilled experts, for people who have an interest in lottery statistics and probability. This unique website provides in-depth numerical data for morocco Lotto.

To provide the most up-to-date and accurate lotto statistics, the numerical information on MAROCLOTO.COM is updated within minutes of the different lottery draws taking place and is thoroughly checked. To view information for a lottery, simply choose the option you like from below including the most common numbers, consecutive number patterns, distribution of odds versus evens and bell curve statistics.

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La MDJS au cœur de la compétition sportive | MDJS | La Marocaine des Jeux & des Sports

Depuis sa création en 1962, la MDJS détient le monopole de l’organisation et de l’exploitation des concours de pronostics portant sur les compétitions sportives. C’est le point de départ d’un long parcours au cours duquel la MDJS s’est positionnée comme acteur central et opérateur moderne dans le secteur de la loterie sportive au Maroc. Ceci, grâce aux produits qu’elle offre et qui répondent à la fois aux objectifs marketing et aux fondements de la politique de jeu responsable.

L’histoire de l’institution est intimement liée à celle du sport au Maroc. Mais en 1987, la création du FNDS, le Fonds National de Développement du Sport, a permis à la Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports de trouver sa vraie vocation en devenant le premier bailleur de fonds du sport national.

Offrant depuis ses débuts une importante variété de jeux, la MDJS innove régulièrement, choisissant de nouveaux produits qui répondent à ses objectifs commerciaux et qui sont toujours conformes à l’éthique de jeu responsable. Parmi les plus populaires, on trouve le jeu Cote&Foot lancé en 2005 devenu Cote&Sport en 2011, divers jeux de grattage et le jeu Chrono lancé en 2008.








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